Can't access http://localhost inside app when it running on emulator

I use for OAuth 2.0 and on step 3 it should “Client: After successful authorization, the popup is redirected back to your app, e.g. http://localhost:3000, with the code (authorization code) query string parameter.”

So, inside android/iOS should be work local webserver (I think) which could answer on this request.
I did test window.location.href and it’s equal ‘file://android_asset/www/index.html’

PS: When I ‘serve’ application it works fine because I run local web server on my laptop.

Please, help! What I’m doing wrong?

Daddy told me to “read sources” ;o)
Answer is: we don’t need in local webserver because redirecting back is just a fake. Satellizer (and ng-cordova-oauth) catch ‘loadstart’ event, get auth code from url and close window before request goes to something.
You only should pay attention on that your parameter redirectUri (redirect_uri for ng-cordova-oauth) would was equal to ‘Authorization callback URL’ on your auth provider because on emulator/device it will be ‘file://’ by default.