Can't access dev server when using ionic serve

I’m trying to use ionic serve to access a blank ionic template. It says it’s working, but I just get ‘page not found’ in Chrome. I’m pretty confident that the ports are not the issue, since I can reach the live reload page on and if I swap them, on

nmap tells me:

8100/tcp closed xprint-server

I’m also using Docker. is the IP of my VM.

Adrians-iMac:kosher_app Adrian$ docker run -p 8100:8100 -p 35729:35729 -v /Users/Adrian/Documents/current_projects/kosher_app/kosher:/ionic -i -t app serve
    Running dev server: http://localhost:8100
    Running live reload server: http://localhost:35729
    Watching : [ 'www/**/*', '!www/lib/**/*' ]
    Ionic server commands, enter:
      restart or r to restart the client app from the root
      goto or g and a url to have the app navigate to the given url
      consolelogs or c to enable/disable console log output
      serverlogs or s to enable/disable server log output
      quit or q to shutdown the server and exit

If it helps, here is my Dockerfile:

FROM google/nodejs

WORKDIR /ionic
VOLUME ["/ionic"]
RUN npm install -g cordova ionic && ionic platform add android

EXPOSE 35729
ENTRYPOINT ["ionic"]
CMD ["serve"]

This is the result of docker port when applied to the container:

35729/tcp -> 8100/tcp ->

Coud you try
ionic serve --address=