Cannot open+play Audio with ionic2

I’m trying to let the user choose and pick an audio file locally and Play it but it seems that the play part doesn’t go through.
You get a prompt that opens up your directories allowing you to pick any audio file but when you finalize the import it simply doesn’t sound. And the play button doesn’t help for that matter. I’m not sure if simply isn’t pulling the file or if it’s playing it. I’m really new to ionic, just got into it so I’m definitely making a dumb mistake with the syntax here but I really can’t see where.


Not a solution - but a suggestion…
as an intermediate test/debug you can try to place your own test audio file within the build:

For ionic serve (browser test)
<your project>/www/assets/audio/<put file here>

For Ionic run android (run on device)
<your project>/platforms/android/assets/www/assets/audio/<put file here>

Then in your .ts access the file on button press via path:
‘assets/audio/<audio file name.ext>’

If you want to target native audio support on a device instructions are here