Cannot open camera in FileType input and cannot show notifications with @ionic-native InAppBrowser Package

Im developing a simple app which displays my companys site (programmed in Symfony) in an InAppBrowser on mobile. There is a page that you are able to upload documents with a File input.

If I open said page on a mobile broswer, it pops up an option to open either use the camera or use the phone’s file explorer.
If I open the page on the ionic app utilizing { InAppBrowser } from ‘@ionic-native/in-app-browser/ngx’, it opens the file explorer without giving the option to open the camera.

Another problem. I am unable to find a way to make notifications appear whenever a certain action in the InAppBrowser is executed.
For example, I have a function that execute every couple of days, checking to see if the logged in user has his monthly paycheck available for him to consult in one of the tabs in the site. I would like to push a notification that notifies him whenever that check returns true.

InAppBrowser not have native camera functionality and push notifications functionality.
You have to create custom native plugin to use those functionality.