Cannot fire ionSelect from a child page when using tabs


I have a scenario where I need to remove some data from the provider when the active tab is clicked.

For example I have a tab with the pages:

Page1-> Page2-> Page3

Now when Im on the Page3 if the active tab is clicked it returns me to the Page1 but nothing fires. I want to fire a function when the active tab is clicked from a child page.

I have tried to use:
<ion-tab [root]="Page1" (ionSelect)="TestCLick()" tabTitle="Home" tabIcon="information-circle"></ion-tab>
but this fires the TestClick() function only when its clicked from Page1.

I would consider this a very counterintuitive UI, because tabs are supposed to be strictly for navigation, never for modifying state. If you insist on doing it, however, you could look into using segments instead. They look like tabs but behave a bit differently underneath.