Cannot find name 'Toast'

Hello, I am new to ionic, and currently i am learning to use ionic 2 to create Android mobile apps.
I tried to implement native Android toast message on my app.
My app supposed to toast a message after mysqli query has been executed and data.status return ‘200’.
I followed the example on this page
However, i keep on getting error which reads "Cannot find name ‘Toast’"
I have already:

  1. executed ‘ionic platform add android’
  2. executed ‘cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-x-toast’ -> returns Plugin “cordova-plugin-x-toast” already installed on android.
  3. added import { Toast } from ‘@ionic-native/toast’; to the page .ts file

i got the error on my constructor:

constructor(private navCtrl: NavController, private navParams: NavParams, private alertCtrl: AlertController, private http: Http, private platform: Platform, private toast: Toast)


Did i miss anything?

Did you run npm install --save @ionic-native/toast ??

Thanks for the reply,
Nope, sorry, i overlooked that command,
After executing this command, is there any other things need to be done?
The error is no longer there, however i got an exception saying :
EXCEPTION: Error in ./MyApp class MyApp - inline template:9:6 caused by: No provider for Toast!

I solved this error after adding:
providers: [Toast] to my @component,
How do i test this app of mine?, because the toast doesn’t seem to work by running ionic serve command

99% of the time, this is a mistake. Almost always you want to declare providers in your AppModule. The only time you want to declare them in components is when you want a separate instance of the provider per component.

Cordova plugins generally don’t work under ionic serve. Can you just use ionic’s ToastController instead? It works both in browsers and on device.

Thank you for the kind reply and advice

I have already followed your advice,
I have another question by the way,
Where do i import ToastController?
I assume i have to add something like:
import {ToastController} from ‘somewhere’;

“somewhere” is “ionic-angular”, and if your IDE doesn’t help figure that out for you, perhaps you need to kick it to the curb.