Cannot find name 'IonicPro'

I’m trying to configure my ionic project in order to monitoring the errors like explained in this page :

When I run this command : ionic monitoring syncmaps, the result is an error of compilation because of the object IonicPro.

Any help for this ?

ionic monitoring syncmaps

git rev-parse HEAD
:heavy_check_mark: Running command - done!

? Do build before syncing? Yes

? Do full prod build? Yes
Running app-scripts build: --prod
[16:47:39] build prod started …
[16:47:39] clean started …
[16:47:39] clean finished in 2 ms
[16:47:39] copy started …
[16:47:39] deeplinks started …
[16:47:39] deeplinks finished in 62 ms
[16:47:39] ngc started …
[16:47:44] typescript: src/app/app.module.ts, line: 40
Cannot find name ‘IonicPro’.

  L39:  handleError(err: any): void {
  L40:    IonicPro.monitoring.handleNewError(err);
  L41:    // Remove this if you want to disable Ionic's auto exception handling

Error: The Angular AoT build failed. See the issues above
at /home/ubuntu/workspace/project/node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/aot/aot-compiler.js:232:55
at step (/home/ubuntu/workspace/project/node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/aot/aot-compiler.js:32:23)
at (/home/ubuntu/workspace/project/node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/aot/aot-compiler.js:13:53)
at fulfilled (/home/ubuntu/workspace/project/node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/aot/aot-compiler.js:4:58)
[16:47:44] copy finished in 5.39 s

Ok I found the error.

In the code given by the documentation, they use the following line code

Pro.init('YOUR_APP_ID', {
  appVersion: 'APP_VERSION'

I replace this line by :

const IonicPro = Pro.init('YOUR_APP_ID', {
  appVersion: 'APP_VERSION'

And then I have my IonicPro object.

Or replace your references to IonicPro with Pro?

I had other problems with this approach

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