Cannot find module "@ionic-native/core"

I’m running into a runtime error of Cannot find module “@ionic-native/core” when I’m trying to use the
import { MediaPlugin, MediaObject } from ‘@ionic-native/media’;

I did run
$ ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-media-capture
$ npm install --save @ionic-native/media-capture

I have the same problem…

This is probably a stupid question, but is it installed?

$ npm ls @ionic-native/core

Wow! this was exactly the stupid question I needed! Thanks! :slight_smile:


This command return me:

App@0.0.1 /Users/albertosanmartinmartinez/Desktop/formacion/4. Seminarios y Cursos/Ionic/envcourse/App

└── @ionic-native/core@4.11.0

But ionic serve keep not working.

try this, it worked for me

npm install @ionic-native/core --save