Cannot find app when run ionic devapp

I am trying to use the Dev App application. I connect my PC to a wifi access point. I connect the device to the same access point. My access point is another device. I am running ionic serve. I wait for the application to appear on the screen . The development application is not listening to the running application.
I go from my pc to a wifi access point and try to connect the device to it but nothing happens.
I uninstall the app and trying to reinstall, run again the ionic serve. nothing happens.
What I should do

it’s problem of ionic cli version. so i uninstall and reinstall ionic

Thank you for the reply, but if you’re able to provide any more details, that would be even more helpful.
What version of the CLI? Is this a known issue, and if so, is there a github issue? Why doesn’t just updating work; why uninstall and reinstall?

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No way. Another ionic forum question left unanswered.

@JosepAlaziz @Nimai
I tried to update the cli version but nothing’s work.
So I uninstall and reinstall the CLI. We talk about the latest version in december

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