Cannot click tab in super-tabs

f i click another tab,the click event is not working.If i debug the control is not came in onTabSelect() method.

Here is my html

  <super-tabs id="super-tabs" tabsPlacement="top" toolbarBackground="secondary" toolbarColor="light" indicatorColor="light" [config]="{ sideMenu: 'both' }" (tabSelect)="onTabSelect($event)">
    <super-tab [root]="page1" title="Description" icon="home" id="descriptionTab"></super-tab>
    <super-tab [root]="page2" title="Example" icon="pin" id="exampleTab"></super-tab>
    <super-tab [root]="page3" title="Editor" icon="heart" id="editorTab"></super-tab>

ts file

import { SuperTabsComponent } from 'ionic2-super-tabs';

page1: any = 'HomaPage';
page2: any = 'NewsPage';
page3: any = 'AboutPage';
@ViewChild(SuperTabsComponent) superTabs: SuperTabsComponent;

I have imported SuperTabsModule.forRoot() in app.module.ts also
Note : This is working when I run my app in mobile
Only Not working in run with browser

Thanks in advance.