Cannot click on input

Hi guys, iam creating a ionic-app.
I created a login page with 2 inputs.
When i run it on browser it’s work.
But when i build to android i can’t click on input.
Someone know how to fix it ?

<ion-content class="login-content" padding>
  <ion-row class="logo-row">
    <ion-col width-67>
      <h1>Web Movel</h1>
  <div class="login-box">
    <form [formGroup]="loginForm">

        <ion-input formControlName="email" type="text" placeholder="Email"></ion-input>
        <ion-input formControlName="senha" type="password" placeholder="Password"></ion-input>
      <button ion-button class="submit-btn" full type="button" (click)="logar()" [disabled]="!loginForm.valid">
      <button ion-button class="register-btn" type="button" (click)="cadastrar()" block clear>Não tem uma conta?
        Crie uma!