Can You Turn On GPS on User's Behalf?

Forewarning, I’m kind of down a rabbit hole. I’ve discovered that one (rather annoyingly) has to turn GPS on in order to get Wi-Fi scan results on Android (at least on some versions). Recognizing this necessity, I’d like to programmatically turn on GPS from the application. I’m happy to prompt the user for permission to do so, with my model here being how Google Maps works.

Maybe my Google Fu is off, but I haven’t been able to find a Cordova Plugin that lets me do that. I can find cordova plugins that let me request permission authorization and I can find plugins that let me programmatically open to the relevant platform settings page, but I can’t find something that lets me essentially do setGpsState() in analogy to the Diagnostic plugin’s setWifiState(). How does So Google Maps do it? What am I missing about how to do it in Ionic / Cordova?

Quick update here, I found this related thread on the forum: Dialog for location activation. Not quite the same as what I’m asking, but just demonstrating continued exploration. I literally just want to enable Location services, so that I can get Wi-Fi scan results.