Can you put a button and title beside each other in an ion-header?

This mark up gives an unexpected result. I expected that I could have a title with buttons on the left and right of the title, much like having the navigation button with title.

        <button ion-button clear>
            <ion-icon name="close" (click)="dismiss()"></ion-icon>

you need to wrap button tag inside ion-buttons, for example


the end attribute in ion-buttons mean the button will be on right side of title…use start if you want it on left side of title

This works!! Except it never puts the buttons on the left hand side :expressionless:


        <ion-buttons start>
            <button ion-button clear icon-only (click)="dismiss()">
                <ion-icon name="close"></ion-icon>

Makes this


I guess I could live with this. Thanks.

then you can try left or right attribute instead of start end…because i using both old and new version in different pc so sometime it confuse me a bit too

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Yup this worked. Thank you!