Can we open device popup in ionic


i mean i am creating App for Android Studio or iOS so is there any way to open device popup based on device.


There is the cordova native dialog plugin.


thanks for reply…

This will work in case on android studio …as i am not using Coradova /phone Gap


An app for Android Studio? Not sure what you mean, Android studio is a program for android app development…

Anyways, you could create 2 css files and style our popup component to match ios or android’s native dialog. Then you could check the user agent with javascript and then append the correct css style based on the device.


yes i am creating app using android studio development tool and rendring ionic website url in webview its working but i was searching to open native popups using ionic angular js…is there any way?


You can take a look at the code for the notification plugin from cordova here and then use a JavaScriptInterface to access that with your WebView.


Take a look at @maximilian’s post, you’ll have to start dealing with native code. Ionic’s code isn’t doing any of the native interaction, that’s all handled by cordova.