Can we have shared node_modules folder for all ionic project

I’m curious to know whether it is possible to have a common node modules folder for all my ionic project

You could symlink the node_modules all to the same folder, but this is just begging for problems like mismatch between package.json and the content of the folder.

Yeah. To expand on the comment of @Sujan12: Ionic isn’t just one thing. It’s a collection of libraries, all of which depend on lots of other libraries. If you leave a project alone for a month and then come back to it, lots of small updates will have occurred, and your “old” project might not be ready for it. I try to update every few weeks, and I schedule time to do it, because I know it might take a while, if something weird happens. It’s better to keep project dependencies separate from one another, or you might become a slave to the update process.

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To expand further, it’s extremely rare that you would have two apps that even want the same set of dependencies.

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As long as you think of independent apps, this is true. But not when it comes to module and library development.

We are currently designing a platform based on ionic&angular. The basic idea is to have a set of (purely private) npm modules, and create different apps with these modules. From a maintenance point of view, it is important to make sure all modules use the same versions of dependencies.

Therefore it would be extremely useful to share the node_module folder across all our modules (and maybe even apps).