Can these visual effects be achieved with ionic?


Hi all,

I took a video of the self ordering screens at the local McDonalds restaurant. See

2 visual experiences / effects got me interested and I was wondering if these could be achieved, and if yes, how, using ionic (or cordova / phonegap / other for that matter).

  1. The left area of the screen is a vertical ‘wheel’ can be scrolled up and down indefinitely, in a ‘3d’ effect (items closer to the top / bottom of the wheel become smaller)
  2. When you tap an item on the ‘wheel’, the right area displays items in some sort of a fad-in effect. They do not all appear at the same time.

Any ideas?



It’s totally possible. There are so many elements going on there that I don’t think anyone is going to write that for you. You just have to figure out how to replicate that using JS, CSS, and HTML. Since that’s all the user interface in ionic apps is.


Like @NorthMcCormick said all is possible. To let it look very simular you need to tweak the transitions with animations. Success with the project. Share it with us if ready.