Can the Ionic 2 CLI create components in a folder hierarchy?

I’m starting a fairly large project and I’d like to organise my components in functional areas. Each functional area would be defined by a folder and underneath that folder would be the respective folders for each page.

The Angular 2 CLI allows you to do that using a relative path construct on the ng generate, however this doesn’t appear to work with the Ionic CLI.

I can of course do it manually myself, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious in the CLI. Any pointers helpful.


yeah but sadly ionic does not regard the angular 2 style guide.

Even the build is failing if you try to create the files on your in an angular 2 way --> no pages, components, pipes, providers folder…

if you put subfolders in the “app” folder they are moved to another location in the build folder… so my app does not work.