Can run apps from account

I can see my apps but when I click on them I cant interact with them.
When I log into my account:
I can see all of my apps. If I click on one I get the usual
There is the usual blue with white expanding circles while loading the app.
When it stops it defaults to the ‘Push’ Side menu.
I can select with any of the Side Menu items (Push, Analytics, Deploy, Package, Users and Settings) but I cant start the app or interact with it. On the Mac I get the same behavior in chrome and Safari. And I get the same behavior on my iphone.

Has anyone else had this issue.

From, you won’t be able to run the apps. You will be able to configure things like, push notifications, analytics etc.

Thanks Rajesh.
How does one interact with apps in a account?
For example if you send an app via email for review?

You can share the app id with anyone. That person has to have the ionic view in the mobile device, so that he can view the app in ionic view. You can download the app in play store or in app store.