Can not login again with Facebook after logout

When I open my app i can login with facebook at the first time. then i log out of my app and want to login again with facebook. after the click on the login button a spinner appers but nothing happens. the method fb.login gets called but nothing happens afterwards.

this.fb.login([‘public_profile’, ‘email’]).then((facebookData: FacebookLoginResponse) => {
let provider = firebase.auth.FacebookAuthProvider.credential(facebookData.authResponse.accessToken);
//this.handleSignInWithProvider(provider, observer);

                 this.afAuth.auth.signInWithCredential(provider).then(firebaseData => {
                 }, error => {
                /* */
            }).catch(e => {

Special about this is that most of the time the first login with facebook works. but when i immediatly log out and not close the app and try to login again the spinner appers and nothing happens. No error code nothing. Could you help me ???