Can ion-model-view be used over ion-nav-view


I am trying to open a model view ion-model-view over a view rendered through ion-nav-view from a different HTML page.

Problem : The button to open model view is not showing up where as it shows up when render a parent view directly without an ion-nav-view.

This is not working

< body >
   < ion-nav-bar class="bar-positive">
      < ion-nav-back-button class="button-icon ion-arrow-left-c">
      </ ion-nav-back-button>
    </ ion-nav-bar>
 < ion-nav-view ></ ion-nav-view>  // The view is rendered which has a button to open model
< /body>

Please look at complete code @ I am not sure why the above code doesnt work.

The above code works if do not render view through < ion-nav-view ></ ion-nav-view>.


Close, but off a bit.

Thanks a tone mhartington. Looks like i messed up the placement of < ion-view > and <ion-nav-buttons> . Appreciate your reply and time.