Can I use <script src="http:blablabla"> in ionic 2 app


Hello hello,

I would like to integrate stripe payment in my ionic app.
From what I can see the client library either stripe.js or stripecheckout.
I would like to know if I can use in my index.html:

or the one for checkout.

I mean will it work at ionic run?

From what I can see in the index.html I am only using local scripts.

I am in 2 rc4

Thanks for your answer I am a bit lost :confused:


Yes, you need to put it in src/index.html after main.js script

I actually have a project that uses this script:
<script src=""></script>
and works fine


thx man.

I will try :slight_smile:


You probably shouldn’t though.
Most libs can be installed via npm and imported into your app.