Can i use live reload in prodution?

Can I use the Capacitor live reload feature in production to redirect to one site that runs everywhere?

  "server": {
    "url": "",
    "allowNavigation": [

That’s not really what “live reload” means. That’s just loading the resources from an external server.

It might be technically possible, but it’s usually in violation of the terms & conditions you agree to when you submit your app to the app stores, causing it to be rejected. But you should carefully read the terms for yourself because I am not a lawyer.

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technically you can, you can even comment the toast that shows the url to make it seamless.

however, your app will be rejected for sure on the App Store.

Thanks guys … I’ve abandoned the idea in favour of injecting the URL with javascript, but will write here for reference sake. Although it was loading… It was losing the Capacitor instance. … and if it was imported again on the site that was ‘live loading’, it would come up as a WebCapacitor instance, not a native one. And to add to the confusion, the instance was available on the first run (after installing the app, but not subsequent runs).

I outlined the issue here Capacitor global instance is not available from live loaded PWA side, in Android only