Can i use docxtemplater or another npm package, to edit word document on Ionic 4?

I am trying to edit a local Word document with the Ionic 4 application. I do not want to just show a preview. I heard that there are some npm packages that could help.

Would the docxtemplater package ( be suitable? Are there other npm packages, that can serve the same purpose?

I use docxtemplater free version to generate docx. Full edit cannot be done with it

There is another package that allows u to create openxml docx from sxratch using js. Lost the name but google can help

Full wysiwyg in js I have not seen and if it exists wont be free

And none are ionic 4 related as this to me seems more like a js question

Thank you very much for your useful information! Is this the package ,that you are talking about: Officegen ? Could i use it to full edit the document and colour its lines ,each one with a different colour,please?
I would really appreciate any help.
Thank you in advance.

But as mentioned, not to edit existing docx (with import).

But thx for the other link. Still considering to replace docx-templater with other as I need image replacer, which requires a paid licenseā€¦ :slight_smile:

hello @ionian did you finish your app. Can you share with me your idea about how can you edit doc file. Do you use Ck editor to edit file and use some lib to export to doc file ?