Can I use android ionic?

I’d like to use the functionality (user takes photo of card and phone gets relevant information) for an ionic android app. has android + ios sdks but a phonegap plugin only for ios

Can I use and ionic for an android app? Are there alternatives for collecting credit card data in snazzy ways? I’m new to native app development

Short answer, no unfortunately.

Since there isn’t a cordova plugin for on android, you’ll only be limited to iOS.

If you want to see what plugins are out there, check the cordova plugin repo

I know this is an old issue, but it is the only post on this topic. Has anyone successfully implemented for both android/iOS since this? I found this plugin: It is supposed to work for android but the instructions seem outdated.

You could write a plugin if you know java very well or ask the official team to release one.

Says the android is now supported.

Hi, did you guys had any luck implementing this plugin in both Android and iOS?


Is there anyone manage to to implement the card io?

There is a plugin a native plugin “”, but I did not manage to make it work.

Appreciate if anyone could share me your experience how to make it work.