Can I trigger the ion-slide with a click or tap?

I would like to trigger the slide of ion-slide with a tap instead. I like the way the slide works having all the information on the page but you slide to get to more information.

I have an array of objects that I am listing the name on one slide and i want the rest of the information on the second slide.

I already bound to onmousedown to change the info on the second slide but i don’t want to force people to have to swipe, they should be able to tap too.

Well, I just tested it on the phone (was testing in the simulator until now) and the onmousedown doesnt work. I know this might sound obvious but I figured onmousedown would trigger on a finger down too. It seems to work like a click on the phone. I have to click an item then swipe to see the updated information.

I also don’t like the dots at the bottom of the view indicating how many slides there are. Is there a way to get rid of that?

For the ionSlidebox, you can set show-page="false" to not show how many pages there are.

I’d say in general that people are used to the swiping action and understand it. I don’t think most people will expect tapping to cause a swiping action.

If you really want to do that, you could put an ng-click handler on some element in the view and then have that trigger to go do the next slide by firing the slideBox.nextSlide event.

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. I have since changed my mind on using the slides. I might use it in other places though so this is good information.

About the tapping for the swipe action - it’s because if I have a list of 5-10 things when you tap on one it goes to that individual items more info page which was going to be the next slide, but what I think is unnatural is swiping on the individual item to get that items information, I think that’s more of a job for a tap.

Now what I could have done is have them tap to select and it highlights the item in some way then a swipe will go to the more information page. that’s more intuitive I think.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: