Can I still use a classic hyperlink (separate html files) to split my app?

I have an app with a signup+login form which are simple views, but after logging in, I want to show a more complex app with tabbed navigation and complex views.

To start, I have set up my app with two separate .html files, “index.html” and “app.html” where the index.html contains the views for signup+registration flow and the app.html contains the tabbed navigation and all other views.

Should I combine all views into one html file (with partials) or is the way I’m doing things ok in ionic?

If your making an mobile app, you really don’t want to break that single-page-app experience. Using classic links would break that :smile: So you may want to figure our a way to incorporate that page into your app

Hi jorre,

I’m quite new to ionic, just testing it but regarding your question this can be achieved in many ways.

But you can try adding a new state (I’m assuming you are working from a base template) to your app config.

.config(function($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) {  
 .state('login', {
   url: '/login',
   templateUrl: "templates/login.html"

.state('app', {
  url: "/app",
  abstract: true,
  templateUrl: "templates/menu.html",
  controller: 'AppCtrl'

.state('app.track', {
  url: "/track",
  views: {
    'menuContent' :{
      templateUrl: "templates/track.html",
      controller: 'TrackCtrl'

then you will just need to handle a redirection to your main app state.

Hope it helps.


Ok guys, thanks for the input. I solved it by using multiple abstract states