Can I set scroll for tabbar?

If my tab items more than 5, I need my tabbar can be scroll.
how can I do this ?

Not really, as the tabs markup doesn’t let you wrap a scroll around it.

Plus, I don’t think this a good UX pattern. Tabs have been established to be in a fixed position.

Hey I know this is old, but Scrollable Tabs are now recommended in Google’s Material Design Guidelines. They even recommended not concatenating tabs as is done currently in Ionic, instead doing scrollable tabs.

Is there any planned support for them?

At the moment I have to use Angular’s Tab Component to achieve the effect (and even they didn’t do it to spec :stuck_out_tongue:)

@jordangarside Its compatible with IOS device or not?
@mhartington guys don’t forget check out my problem on this link

tabbar can be scroll??

I have create a directive to achieve this functionality.
check this out.

Thanks man, this directive works fine for me :+1:

A mi no me anduvo, no uso jquery