Can I point Ionic Portals to a URL instead of forcing to copy my assets in the App?

I could not find anything in the documentation on how to point a Portal to an existing URL instead of having to copy the Web Assets bundle to the App itself.

I remember reading in the documentation that Portals would allow you to ship changes without going through the App Store, but if you need to ship your assets with the App I’m not sure how that would be possible.

Also, can someone clarify what the API token is used for in Portals? Is the API needed simply to log usage information for Ionic’s benefit? If so, what type of information is being logged?

Thank you!

Currently we don’t have any way of allowing devs to configure the use of external urls vs on device assets. We made a decision early on to initially release this way. Not to say it isn’t going to be possible in the future based on feedback.

The API token is only used to verify that you have registered with Ionic and let us know that you are using the product. This uses a cryptographic signature to ensure that the token was supplied by Ionic. There is no logging of information of any kind and no information is collected. All of the code to verify is in the client and does not supply any app or user information to any Ionic services.