Can I modify the 'allow edit option 'in Cordova camera plugin? (ios)

Hello, everyone.

I’m developing an application that users can upload pictures.
I’m using Cordova camera plugin and found that it has an option to take a photo in a square shape by using the option of ‘allowedit’.
However, the problem is that I only can see the square after taking a photo when I have to decide whether uploading it or not.
It would be great if I can find a way to see the square shape before taking a photo not after that.

Any suggestions and advices are appreciated.
Thanks !

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if i recognize it correctly the allow edit option does not work an all devices.

You should first shot the foto, but instead of directly upload you could add a javascript cropper to edit your image in your app.

Hi, bengtler.

This could a good alternative ! and thanks for letting me know the good plug-in as well.
By the way, I want make my app like Instagram where users can see all the camera effects when taking picture with square overlay.
That’s why I was thinking to modify Cordova camera plugin

Do you know any good example like this??

Thanks a lot for your answer.

you should read about html-canvas their you can add custom filters, transform the image.
But keep in mind it should be easy as possible to guarantee good ux.