Can i horizontally scroll the tabs

you can do it by the following component
<ion-scroll direction="x" class="theroot overflow-scroll">

direction=“x” will specify the scrolling direction

Don’t forget to add the white-space:nowrap; in .scroll class .Its not having this by default

Actually i am trying scroll ion-tab
<ion-tab title="About"> <ion-nav-view name="About-tab"></ion-nav-view> </ion-tab> <ion-tab title="Global"> <ion-nav-view name="global-tab"></ion-nav-view> </ion-tab> <ion-tab title="Friends"> <ion-nav-view name="Friend-tab"></ion-nav-view> </ion-tab> <ion-tab title="Family"> <ion-nav-view name="family-tab"></ion-nav-view> </ion-tab> <ion-tab title="Business"> <ion-nav-view name="Business-tab"></ion-nav-view> </ion-tab> </ion-tabs>

Did you try using onSwipe() or ng-swipe ?