Can create apps with ionic which each page is different color?

hi all,

i’m try to create mobile apps with ionic, I originally made with html and css for each page with different color.

this example my work with ionic Here .
i look in sample ionic project ( starter side menu ), in the templates folder there are several html files. but in all it is nothing the tag < head> < style> </ style> </ head> .

but in a project that I created, in each file contained any tags < head> < style></ style></ head>, whether it will be a problem in the concept of ionic?? if yes, how so only the index.html file contained tags < head> … </ head> …

i try to understand concept ionic, Any suggestion for me?
Thanks in advance, regards :blush:

The concept that Ionic is running on is from my understanding single page page application. Where there the skeleton of the page(application) is created in the index.html from there you take out and replace the content with different views to navigate between different views.

if you need more in debt information check out this link

Solving your problem of having different color for each view header look at the link below.

thanks for reply,

oh thanks, that link is almost solving to my case.

may i ask again? how so when I went to a page, in the header precisely in the upper right corner there is no link to return to home ?

ok np glad you solved it