Can badges on tabs be dynamically updated?

One of my tabs is a new comments tab that should show how new comments there are on something. As such it will be continually updating.

I can get a badge to show on the tab but I can’t see a way to update this programmatically. Does anyone know a way?

your div id=“tabs” can have a controller by setting: ng-controller=“comments”.

There you can check every Xs if there is any updates on comments or whatever you do to check for updates, and set a $scope.comments var with the number value.

This way your footer will be updated live.

Perfect. Thanks! I had created the tabs controller but not assigned it as the controller for the tabs state…

@Bonda I have a similar issue and rather than using an interval I decided to use a Message Service to make changes to the tab, however something is off. I’m thinking its a scoping issue?

Have a look at this if you get a chance