Can a app modify files in the assets folder?

Within the app’s assets folder I hold various json files representing the data used by the app.
Assuming there is a new version of that data file on the server - is it possible to download the file (easy - just use http) and replace the file in the asset folder.

I guess what I am really asking is

"Does an app have write access in the asset folder?

No. The “asset folder” doesn’t really exist independently after the app is built - it is burned into the app binary itself.

Thanks @rapropos - in that case I will just have a extra file on the server for changes to the json files and hold that data in local storage.

That sounds like a good idea. If you want to get fancy, you could make an asset provider (similar to ngx-translate) that seamlessly reads from either the locally modified version or, as a backup, whatever is in assets. That way all the information about how you are handling the situation is (a) isolated from the rest of your app code and (b) futureproof.

Sounds good - but for now I can cope with a simple approach - besides I am not sure I will keep using Ionic in the future - Ionic 4 is a totally unknown factor and I worry how long it take to clear all the bugs when used for real in production.

Alternative, more laborious and for the record, is to create a cordova plugin athat writes the stuff

Like phonegaps contentsync plugin or ionic’s deploy plugin

These write into the asset folder and can check for updates under the hood