Camera.getPhoto path results in File does not exist error

Having trouble with Camera.getPhoto - appears to work, photo.path returns a full path, but trying to read the file with Filesystem results in a “File does not exist” error?

Using Capacitor with React, but not using the React hook, trying to use the Capacitor Camera and Filesystem APIs to take a photo, and copy the file to the app data.

I’m also running on an iPhone using:

ionic cap run ios -l --host=

The following seems to work and generates what looks to be a valid URI, but no file exists at the URI.

const photo = await Camera.getPhoto({
	quality: 90,
	allowEditing: false,
	source: CameraSource.Camera,
	resultType: CameraResultType.Uri,
	presentationStyle: 'popover'
	// saveToGallery: true