Camera capacitor plugin tools:ignore="MissingClass" error

Hy i tryed to use the @capacitor/camera plugin with the description from here:

When running the app in Android studio i get the following error:
The prefix “tools” for attribute “tools:ignore” associated with an element type “service” is not bound.

when i remove the line tools:ignore=“MissingClass” from the AndroidManifest.xml everything works fine.

What is tools:ignore=“MissingClass” normaly used for ?
Is there another proper way to resolve this error ?

Thanks for your ansers

the tools:ignore="MissingClass" is used for stopping Android Studio from complaining about a missing class

If your manifest doesn’t understand the tools keyword, add xmlns:tools="" to the manifest tag.
Should look like

<manifest xmlns:android=""

Thanks a lot Julio
Thats working.