Calling card app, the way I've always wanted it

Hey folks, I am a very regular calling card app user, because in my day job, I often have to call folks all around the world, and more often than not, IP based calls are not an option.

There are a ton of free apps that never really worked for me, and the two apps that I paid for, the developers never updated after IOS 11, so they stopped working. I decided to write my own and make it the way I wanted.

It’s not a complicated or fancy app. Just a useful app for me. And it helped me learn Ionic 2+ along the way. I’ve put up the source code, so do what you want with it and extend it/PR back if you find it useful.

Repo at (MIT Licensed)

Key Features

  • Tells you the time in the destination (awesomely useful), so you know when NOT to call (look at Screenshot 2 - its 5:58AM in Singapore, do you really want to wake Mr. Tao up, or for that matter, Mr. Roy in India who is likely deep in sleep?)
  • Manage multiple cards
  • Easy drag drop of calling sequence
  • Favorites and Address book dial
  • Quick ‘Direct Dial’ option to skip calling card (for those times when your card doesn’t get through)

Screen Shots