Calling a provider function returns undefined

Hello, I have a provider for consuming my REST API but I have a problem when I try to get the response from it.

Here is the method of my provider:

getBusinesses(token: string){
    return new Promise((resolve,reject) => {
      let request = new HttpRequest('GET',this.listBusinesses,{
        headers: new HttpHeaders({
          'X-AUTH-TOKEN': token

      this.http.request(request).subscribe(data => {
        console.log(data['body']); //works, show my JSON array
      }, err => {

And here is the method called by my view:

private getBusinesses() {
    this.cityfidAPI.getBusinesses(token).then(res => {
      this.businesses = res['body'];
      console.log(this.businesses); //undefined

As you see, I have 2 console.log() on dispays the list and the second displays ‘undefined’ and I don’t know why…