Callback for SideMenu Close?

Is there a callback available for when a side menu is closed?

I’m using a multi-level navigation in a side bar and would like to return to the top level when closed.

I’m using the following at the moment and calling it on selection of a sub-nav element.

        function moveToRootWhenClosed() {
            if (!$ionicSideMenuDelegate.isOpenLeft()) {
            } else {
                $timeout(moveToRootWhenClosed, 500);

but I hate using timers like this. Is there an event?

You can do this.$ionicSideMenuDelegate/

 $scope.$watch(function () {
    return $ionicSideMenuDelegate.isOpenLeft();
     function (isOpen) {
    if (isOpen){


Thank you sir!

Cleaned it up a bit, but I like this much better!