Call from (ionChange) or (ionCancel)

I’m trying to make an IonSelect call open on itself. My use cases are:

  • I want to force a user to select a value in that popup
  • I want to force a user to select a sequence of values from the same popup, one after the other (yes, this could be a checklist, but checklists lack the ability to say "I only want to select X values, disable the rest easily)

Since there doesn’t appear to be a way to disable backdrop close or cancel, this was my solution. My code:

            <ion-item class="hidden">
                Select Skill
              <ion-select #skillSelect placeholder="Select Skill" (ionChange)="addSkillFromMove($event, skillSelect, move)">
                <ion-select-option *ngFor="let skill of getAddSkills("
                  {{ skill }}
  addSkillFromMove(event, control: IonSelect, skill: string): void {
    console.log(event, control, skill);;

(I think the rest that I haven’t included isn’t relevant)

Is there an easy way to forcibly re-open the select in its cancel or change events?