Caching turned off does not seem to work


I am using rc 1.02 and I have a List and Add page.

I add an item and when I go back into the Add page it has all the old data filled in. I assumed that I need to turn off caching so I set it to false like this in the view:

 <ion-view view-title="{{editMode}} Game - {{wizardStep}}/{{totalSteps}}" cache-view="false">

However, this makes no difference. Is this correct behaviour?

I have the same behavior!
In some situation need to close and reopen the app.
I have tried to set no cache in view and in route. No change!

Ok, it must be a bug in the RC then with caching

Just upgraded to RC 1.0.3 and this is still an issue…

Any response form the core team? Would it be possible to fix this for the final release please?

Hi rodneyjoyce,
did you resolved this issue?

No, it is an issue in the core framework. TOnight I will upgrade to RC 1.0.4 and see if it still happens

I have upgraded to RC1.0.4 just now,it still happens :sob:

We can’t really do much until the Core Team confirm if it is a known issue or not.

Yes, I can confirm, still an issue in RC 1.0.4 - 1.0.0-rc.4 "sulfur-suricate" released!

Can someone test this in the latest RC: 1.0.0-rc.5 ?

I am concerned that it is not going to be fixed for the final release!

I have updated to 1.0.0-RC.5 and can confirm that it is still an outstanding bug…

FYI: Upgraded to the final 1.0 release version and this is still a bug.

Is there any better way to bring these to the teams attention? Seems like nobody is monitoring these forums any more (there’s a lot of spam)

I’m seeing the same (or very similar) bug. Anyone solved it yet?

No, I don’t think anyone from the Ionic team actually saw this and there’s no way to alert them