Cache Ionic Auth details


I am using Ionic Creator, and have successfully integrated Ionic Auth… all good so far. The app stores custom information, retreives it and works well

The problem I am finding with this system is every time the system wants to pull up (for example) it has to go get that information and sometimes on a mobile phone that is just not working out so I get a blank space instead of the users name

One of the things I have on the site is a form, and when that form is submitted it pull the logged in users details and prefils the hidden form field with it… but every other form submit, the name is missing, or the email is missing, sometimes it works just fine

The irony is, the CUSTOM data always comes through (the get statements) but hey, there you go

How can i cache the name of the user from ionic auth so I do have to retreive it every time when the user is actually logged in. I need the ‘name’ variable on my form to be propegrated 100% of the time or the record (and by proxy the app) is useless