Cache busting when building new PWA version

Hi! Is there any way to force the browser to load the new uploaded version of a PWA when new uploaded?

For ionic 3 there was a solution: Bundled files and cache busting, lazy loading - #9 by ramon
I tested it, but it didn’t work for me with ionic 6.

In pure Angular you can use

ng build -prod --output-hashing

For getting new hashed file names, but with
ionic build --prod
My hashes are always the same.

You can use the pure angular command as well. Instead of the ionic cli

Have you tried?

Ok, with

ng build --configuration production --output-hashing all

the build is running, but the hashes are the same when running ionic build --prod

Do I’ve to update a version number or something else to get new hashes?

I am not able to help with this. I am making sure I have update routines in the app built in. Maybe in your case the flags are not passed?
Or maybe there are no changes? Too much guessing from my side.