Button on top of the page


I’d like to create a button on top of the page, something similar to the “Write new post” button in Google+ application.
So not “at the top of the page” but really “on top of the page”.

Context: my view has a long shopping list with a “buy” button at the bottom.
Instead of having to scroll down the complete list every time, I prefer to have a shortcut “Buy” button that comes on top of the screen as soon as we have one item in our cart.

What’s the best way to do that in Ionic?

Check out the nav-buttons


Thanks for your prompt response.
But that’s in the header bar, not on top of the content.
Basically in “material” design, the button comes at the bottom right of the screen, on top of the content, not the header bar or footer bar.

How does something like that work?

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Looks better, thanks!