Button inside radio group

I have an app where at one point an alert pops up with a radio button group of nearby bluetooth low energy devices that makes the user select one and confirm. Is there any way to add a button to each of the radio buttons so that the user can click the button and send an event to the given device?

I’m going to go with “no”. The app would have no way of distinguishing between an attempt to select a radio button and a click on the button button.

Thank you. That was my initial response to the rest of the team as well, but I wanted to post it here to make sure I wasn’t just missing something :slight_smile:

You can always “recreate” the popup with a Modal… then you can do whatever you want.

I thought about that, but as this was a last minute “if you get the time” request from our customer the week before release I figured it wasn’t worth the trouble to do anything advanced :slight_smile: We’re better off using our time this week to polish up the product to make it as good as possible before release

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