Button-bar in subheader


Hi guys,
I have put a ‘button-bar’ within a subheader, but there are some rendering issues.
In particlar:

  1. I cannot stick the button bar to the very top of the subheader, with no padding between the header and the subheader.
  2. I cannot make the buttons full aka take 100% of the horizontal space with no padding left & right.

Here is a screenshot of my app:

and here is my Code:

<ion-header-bar class="bar bar-subheader">
    <div class="button-bar" stype="top : 1px;">
      <a href="#/tabs/stay" class="button button-stable button-block button-full" style="border-right: 2px solid #ffffff;">my stay</a>
      <a href="#/tabs/concierge" class="button button-balanced button-block button-full ActiveButton" >concierge</a>


use !important while overriding top padding.