[ Building iOS Error ]

Hi! This is my first post, I’ve been playing with Ionic for 2 months and I finally tried to deploy my app on my iPhone. As I should expect I got the “lazy loading” problem (in “serve mode” the app works perfectly but when i try to build it i get the error " Type Type t in directory/file.ts is part of the declarations of 2 modules: AppModule and file.ts ").
I tried to start a new simpler project to understand what went wrong.

I started a new project with sidemenu template and I generated 2 more pages(OtherPage - AnotherOtherPage), obviously that works in “serve” and “simulate mod” but I got an error during building.

-HomePage (Can go to List and OtherPage)
–OtherPage (Can go to HomePage and AnotherOtherPage)
—AnotherOtherPage (Can go to OtherPage and HomePage)

So I need to import every page in every other page, its a little bit tricky but that’s exactly i need to know to fix my problem i think. I tried to look in old topics but there’s nothing i found helpful and there’s nothing about pages, only for directives providers and components.

Thanks in advance!