Building a To Do List-app with firebase

Pretty new using Ionic. And I have this problem, here is the error codes it is saying!

Can someone help me with this problem, it might be simple, but I just don´t know what to do?

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how do you declare this.tasks?

export class HomePage {
tasks: AngularFireList<any[]>;
newTask = ‘’;

change it to

tasks: AngularFireList<{}>;

Thank you! That helped alot. That´s the way you do that in 5.0.
I have still another problem, this is angular 4.0.

<ion-item-sliding *ngFor=“let item of shoppingItems | async”>

{{ item.$value }}

<button ion-button color=“danger” icon-only (click)=“removeItem(item.$key)”>

You know how its done with angular 5.0? For what I understand you don´t use $ anymore?

yes, you don’t, but please open another topic if you have something more to ask