Build Succeed but nothing appear


I have a problem, i develop an application with ionic and corodova plugins using Firebase
when i lunch ionic serve on my browser it’s work very well but when i lunch on my emulate after i did ionic build ios (by the way i had build succeed ) and ionic run ios ( i had run suceed ) the App is empty there is an empty page like blank.

do you have any advice or solutions ? thank you

i upload result of app console and my routers , and index.html

sounds like you there is a javascript error in your app.

Try to install the apk or ipa on a device and debug it. Maybe the connection to firebase goes wrong and you are working on th “fb”-object, but it’s undefined

i try to Debug with XCode but i have no error code also i check on localhost the server logs and consol logs and i had nothing also for firebase i said in the first var example = angular.module(‘starter’, [‘ionic’, ‘firebase’,‘ngCordova’]); so fb object it’s defined and i can use it also when i try console.log i had an object and they don’t return an error of any javascript error.
Please help

Yeah but you are connecting afirebase database where you get the firebase database object… could you log that object and if the fb.child function is defined?

Maybe you can put your codes in a codepen… so others can play around a little bit easier

i found it just i moved firebase instruction in to the begin of which it what null :smile: but i had some issues between login interface and home interfac, when i am in login and i put right email and password and click on login button they move to an empty view, it’s like he crash and when i reload i’am in home and work fine.
i check console log and i found this THREAD WARNING: [‘Device’] took ‘15.853760’ ms. Plugin should use a background thread. :confused: