Build production release

Hi, there;
I am trying to build an Android production release which uses “”.

 I have set up the filereplacement in angular.json:


I ran cmd: ionic build --prod successfully

Then I built a release in Android Studio: Build-->Generate Signed Bundle Apk.

But I still get a version that uses "environment.ts".

Can someone guide me what else step is missing here please?


You need to also run:

ionic capacitor sync android --no-build

- Reference

Thanks twestrick.

ionic capacitor build android --prod also solves the issue.


Yup, that works too! The only difference is that build opens up Android Studio once the build is done. From my experience, both commands build a production build by default so --prod is not required.

I did --no-build because I missed the command you were running originally but now that I see you were doing ionic build --no-build is not required either. I use --no-build if I want to build a JS dev build or something other than prod and use that in the native build (it tells the Ionic CLI to not rebuild the JS).

Cool. Thanks for the information, twestrick