Build folder is missing

Don’t know what happened between lastnight and today,
but I can’t get a build folder.

ionic package build android

gets me the splashscreen and then a white your device is ready screen

I decomplie the APK and there’s no build folder in the www folder.

this started happening after I added the barcode scanner plugin…

any idea how to fix this?

ionic run android works perfectly fine

ionic package build android --release doesn’t causes the problem…

no errors to show.

I have the exact same problem , Today i guess they updated to java 8 and the new android sdk and i cannot get android to build correctly. I get the same ready screen :confused: . Does anyone have a answer to this ?

This should be fixed now. We were doing so updates to our package service yesterday that we completed this after noon.

In the future, be sure to check out the status pack

build folder and index is missing in www/ again